Album Design Overview

Welcome CCP brides and grooms! I am so excited to be a part of this journey with you! You should have received your link to your wedding gallery at this point and if for some reason you did not see an email come though from me with your final gallery link, be sure to check your Spam and Promotions tabs in your inbox . If you still don't see anything please email for technical support.

Scott and I have always said that we would grab Darcy, our wallets, and our photo albums if our house was ever on fire! There is something special about creating your first family heirloom. You help design your wedding album right after you are married, and I know you will treasure it always! Just like we do with our albums and photos! Having digital images is wonderful but having a printed keepsake that tells a visual story of your wedding day is priceless! If you haven’t already invested in a Fine-Art Album of your own, you can always come back to me at any time and order one. I'm not a photography business that pushes product sales at all.  However, these albums are important not just for my couples to have . . . but for their grandchildren to enjoy as well.  So Let's Get Started!

Things You Should Know!

  • I have included step-by-step instructions and information in both text and in video format below (for all you visually learners out there like me!)!
  • One Spread is made up of Two Pages
  • In a 10 page album example, it will have 5 spreads and which ever spread you're working on it's numbered 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , OR 5 of 5 spreads.
  • On each spread the images are numbered 1 - X (the total amount of images on that spread). 
  • The very first spread you will see in your design is NOT the cover, but the first full spread as you open your album.
  • Two complimentary rounds of revisions are included in your album design!

Preview the Album Options Available to You

Want to see examples of my physical albums and compare and contrast sizes? Check out the video below to see album features and size options!


Size Options Available:

6x6, 8x8, 12x12, and 16x12

Page Count Available:

10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60


Album Upgrade Options

  • Additional Album Spreads (Per 10 Pages) - Add $175
  • Upgrade Album Size to 12 x 12 OR 16 x 12 - Add $650
  • Upgrade Leather Cover to Include a Die-Cut Image - Add $100
  • Upgrade Leather Cover to Include a Die-Cut Image and Text Impression - Add $125
  • Include a Protective Leather Slipcase for Album - Add $175
  • Parent Albums: Two Duplicate 6x6 Copies of the Main Album - Add $400

All Inclusive Upgrade ($1600)

  • Upgrade to the 12 x 12 OR 16 x 12 Album Size
  • 60 pages / 30 spreads
  • Leather Cover with Die-Cut Image and Text Impression
  • Protective Leather Slip Case 
  • Two 6x6 Parent Album Copies (duplication of main album design)

Christmas 2016 Deadline: November 11th 2016!!  

All album orders need to be complete and design finalized by November 11th in order to ensure Christmas 2016 delivery.


Follow these 4 Steps to Complete Your Album Design


View Your Initial Album Design

Follow the custom album link that I've sent to you, log-in with your email address, and view your initial album design! Feel free to click through the spreads to get an idea of how I've laid out the story of your wedding day! 

Watch the video

to see how the album design software looks in action and how to navigate your way around!


Select Any Image Swaps from Your Gallery

Your album's design is pretty much set in stone, but if you see an image that you'd rather not have in the album you can swap it out for a different image that you prefer! You can also move images from spread to spread within the design if you like!


to see how to select your image swaps and create a new favorites list within your gallery!


Follow the custom final gallery link that I've sent to you (or go here and click on your gallery) and save any images that you would prefer to see in the album to a new favorites list by clicking on the heart icon above those particular shots!

** Swap Requirements: Please note that any vertical image in the album design requires a vertical image to be swapped in it's place and vice versa with horizontal images.

** How to Create a New Favorites List in Your Online Gallery: Once in your gallery, simply click on one of the images you'd like in the album design and then click on the heart icon above that image. A new pop-up window will appear asking you which favorites list to save it to. Here is where you can choose to create a new favorites list and save that image to it! Title your new list as "Album" or "Album Swaps" so I'll be able to locate these images quickly!



Submit Your Changes to Courtney

Within your album design you will see a comment box at the bottom of each spread. On the spreads that you would like me to apply image swaps or design changes to please type out your requests and submit it to me in that comment section! I will then apply those requests and send you the 2nd draft of the album.


to see how to submit your image swaps and requests to me!


In Example: On Spread 2 we would like to swap out image #4 for the image in our Album Favorites List of Heather walking down the aisle.

Additional Example: On Spread 4 we would like to switch the placement of image #3 and image #5 around.

** Cover Image Choice (if applicable): If you have upgraded to an image cover be sure to email me which image you would like on the cover by describing it and placing it in your Album Favorites list in your gallery.

** Cover Text (if applicable): If you have upgraded to included imprinted text on the cover of your album be sure to email me what you would like.

In Example: On the front cover we would like the font to read "Heather and David" or we would like to have our wedding date "July 2nd, 2018."



Finalize Your Album Design

After you review the revised album layout(s) - you are allowed 2 revisions total - you will finalize the album. To finalize, you simply log-in to your album design, review the layout one last time, and then hit the yellow "Finalize Album" button on the upper left side of the album spreads. Viola! I will be notified when your album design has been finalized, and the only remaining info I'll need before sending it out to the lab is your color choice for the leather cover.


to see how to finalize your album for print!


** Select Color Choice for Leather Cover: Be sure to let me know what color of leather you would like your album to be! This applies to both couples with and without an image upgrade on the cover! It is sometimes aesthetically pleasing to select a neutral, classic color for your album or it is sometimes beautiful if you select a color from the wedding! 

In Example: If your wedding colors were gold and lavender I think either the Lilac color or the Cream color would be beautiful! So you would let me know: "We would like the color of our album to be Lilac (P-20)."

There are 14 different color choices which are (see image below): Snow White (P-10), Ivory (P-00), Cream (P-17), Nutmeg (P-15), Moka (P-19), Cappuccino (P-12), Sienna Earth (P-05), Tobacco (P-11), Burgundy (P-02), Garnet (P-14), Red (P-06), Lilac (P-20), Sage Grey (P-18), Sage Green (P-21), Dark Green (P-07), Ultramarine Blue (P-03), Dark Blue (P-16), Midnight Blue (P-09), Dark Brown (P-01), Smoke Grey (P-13), and Black (P-04).


Click to enlarge.


Say Thank You with A Parent Album:

A lot of couples don’t have any trouble picking out their parent’s Christmas gifts the year they get married! Why? Well, parents do so much to make your wedding a dream come true that couples sometimes decided to surprise them with their very own albums on Christmas morning! After the wedding chaos is over and life returns to normal, or if you want to surprise your parents or grandparents with their very own albums from your wedding for Christmas, email me at before October 1st so we can get them ordered!