Meet Courtney

I'm Just a Girl who decided to go for it


Hi there! Here's a little Bit about me:

Courtney's Favories

  • Lover of sincerity & unexpected kindness.
  • Obsessed with antiques, vintage, & nostalgia.
  • The smell of wood burning.
  • The feeling of loving arms around me.
  • My fiance, Scott (he is incredible & a total hottie), who I'd been dating for the past 6 years until he proposed in June 2017!
  • My go-to ice cream flavor is "Superman".
  • Can't get enough cuddle time with my bunny rabbit Darcy, she is my fur baby.
  • Old, black and white photographs.
  • I adore pretty things and witty words.

In My Spare Time

  • I am laid-back and embrace my naturally curly (& unpredictable) hair.
  • Can be found dropping movie quotes into every day conversation to see if anyone knows the reference. ("Nobody's perfect.")
  • Likes to play board games and binge watch Netflix.
  • Enjoys shopping - my style is a mix of Charlotte York (classic, with a bit of girly) and Elena Gilbert (casual, & a little dark).
  • I could spend hours at a book store.

I'm Known To

  • Redecorate and rearrange rooms in the house every 6 months or so - it helps me get creative!
  • Self-described Champion of Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit.
  • Randomly bust out dance moves in the middle of the grocery store.
  • Sing more songs from the oldies stations than the new, pop stations.
  • Always want to be at the lake, ocean, pool or even aquarium (I swear I might have been a mermaid in another life)!

The things closest to my heart are:


My Fiance Scott

We're besties, have been going steady for the past 6 years, and just got engaged in June 2017! Scott is an athletic, history-nerd and I'm a creative, girly goof. We love to wake up from beneath warm & cozy blankets slowly, with no place to rush off to & make breakfast at home. My favorite days are those spent with Scott while we watch Fixer Upper or a history documentary or when we take a spontaneous road trip and see where the day takes us.

Fun Fact: Scott is actually my assistant and second shooter at all my weddings!

Read about our 5th Year Anniversary.

Miss Darcy

She is my fur baby who was also the inspiration for my logo (and who really isn't a baby anymore!) and is full of sass and personality! Darcy loves hopping around my office as I work, will stand on her hind legs for a yogurt treat, and loves to run up and greet me - just like a dog would - when I get home!

Funny Fact: I thought Darcy was a boy rabbit when I adopted her and her orginal name was Mr. Darcy!

"Do you suppose she's a wildflower? . . . . ." - Alice in Wonderland

My Crazy Family

I'm the baby and my parents always told me I could grow up and do anything I wanted! Family means the world to me, and I am instantly drawn to people who love to laugh!

Fun Fact: My mom claims I get my creative flair from my dad (he has always been into drawing and art), although, we contest that my mom is equally creative (she's known for baking delicious homemade desserts and for currating spectacular gardens at our family farm)!

"I'll take pancakes with a side of pancakes" - Lorelai Gilmore


(In my best Ferris Bueller voice) You're still here? . . . Then let's connect online!